I’ve been following my heart and my passions since I can remember and 17 years ago!! I did just that when I took a chance and relocated from the North East (where I had spent most of my adult life prior) to the beautiful USVI. Long story short, island life just sucked me in… like the tide…and I’ve been riding that wave and calling the shores of St. Croix my home base ever since 2005.

Island life is not for everyone. For example, we don’t have many of the luxuries and comforts that ‘state-siders’ enjoy- the power goes out routinely, we rely on rain gutters to catch water in our cisterns, and the largest and only chain ‘store’ for shopping on island is an outdated Kmart. SMILE. 😊

Living on an island is like living off the beaten path…across the board! And it takes a sense of adventure, an open mind, and a great appreciation for mother nature in all her glory and fury, to make a go of it in the long term.

Having said that, the opportunity to carve out a personal and professional life, on a ruggedly beautiful rock in the middle of the Caribbean Sea is my dream come true and I’m living it in real time every single day!

Welcome to the road less traveled!

and Hey!



Are you living your best life? Is there something you have always dreamed of doing? What’s stopping you?!

NOW is the time to listen to your heart and follow your passions too!

Life is a gift. And I believe we are meant to live it! As fully and dynamically as we can. One day at a time.

It’s never too late to change it up, start over, or re-write your own story.

For true, as we say in St. Croix. Stay blessed! And thank you for following me on my journey!

And I encourage all of you, who are peeking through this lens, into my world, to take a moment to appreciate yourself and to honor your soul.

st. croix

Ki- what?! Kiswahili is the national language of Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda- three East African countries. Prior to attending veterinary school, I studied for and earned a Masters Degree in Cultural Anthropology and a Certificate in African Studies from Columbia University in NYC. Since I was a child, I poured over National Geographic magazines and dreamed of traveling to Africa! Especially to the countries of Kenya and Uganda where women pioneers like Jane Goodall and Diane Fossey were studying chimpanzees and gorillas respectively. I’ve never been ‘good’ at learning foreign languages yet when I wanted to learn Swahili badly enough, I did! And I was able to speak and read fluently while living in Kenya for a year and change. Ninasukuru sana…..I am so grateful!

I speak fluent Kiswahili!

I’ve studied ballet, tap, jazz, pointe, modern, and Afro-Caribbean over the years and have danced my way from childhood way into adulthood on stages in the states and here in the Caribbean with Caribbean Dance Company. Seven years ago I decided to become certified to teach a ballet barre class. There wasn’t a barre studio on the island or an instructor for that matter until I became one and started a class that’s become something in itself! I’ve had so much fun teaching barre booty fitness classes here on St. Croix and have made so many amazing friends through the class. It’s a great workout and a way for me to stay active in the community too. Dance is life!

Dance, dance, dance! I love to dance it off and HAVE a good dance off once in a while too!

I love to create and eat good food! And I can often be found with a flashlight READING RECIPES into the wee hours planning my next meal. I get lost in the kitchen after a day at the farmer’s market….it’s super relaxing for me to put ingredients together and make something delicious from my farm stand bounty! I also love sharing meals and food with family and friends and look forward to having a garden of my own someday soon.

Foodie is my middle name…..lol.