Island Vet

You Might Believe If You Didn’t Know Better. Misconceptions about veterinarians are common, and many people don’t understand what they do. Now add that to running a veterinary practice on an island, and the misconceptions grow. This article dispels five of the most common misconceptions about veterinarians who live on islands. Island Vets Treat Exotic […]

catano waterfront

Over the course of the past year, I have literally fallen in love with the seaside town of Cataño (kah-TAH-no), Puerto Rico. It’s been an interesting love affair, between Cataño and me, especially given the fact that until recently (due to the pandemic) I was more than likely one of the very few tourists visiting […]


The dog days of summer are upon us! And with the Labor Day holiday weekend approaching, many of us are planning to take our dogs to the beach for some healthy fun.  Beach days can be a blast when you bring along your doggy (or three!), and proper planning can ensure that you and your […]

Barre fitness St Croix

I’ve been teaching barre class at Barre Fitness St Croix for nearly five years! And the class is just as popular now as it ever has been! As the first (and currently, only) ‘barre’ instructor on St. Croix, I find myself continually challenged to keep students interested, to recruit new students, and also to maintain […]