Self-Care Essentials: Embracing Survival and Thriving in Every Moment

Dec 22, 2023

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Self-care is survival. I remember reading this a few years back somewhere online, and the concept really stuck with me. I mean, if we don’t care for ourselves, who will? And how can we show up for others in our lives if we don’t have any extra energy to share? 

In this day and age where information and stimulation come to us 24/7 from literally everyone everywhere … .It can be a challenge to find the ‘time’ to take care of ourselves and to feel justified in doing so.

We have schedules and ‘to-do’ lists and responsibilities to family members, partners, colleagues, etc. etc.; why does our culture seem to train us to think of everyone else first? We go go go until we break down in some way….be it health, our relationships, our professions. 

It is noble… concept to put others first, yet with ‘burnout’ being on the rise in almost every facet of society, self-care is not just a luxury; it’s a necessity. Self-care really is survival!

The Imperative of Self-Care

It’s turning my phone off and recharging my battery, engaging myself in the moment. Watering my plants, creating a healthy meal in the kitchen, getting into bed early and savoring the comfort of my soft pillows.

We all need to create space and time for self-care. And to slow down and stop once in a while. It’s okay just to be. ‘Doing nothing is actually doing something’! One might think island life is all about just that…..and maybe for some, it is.

For many of us, though, island life is as busy as life anywhere else….only we live in a tropical paradise when it comes to nature. Weeks can go by without a visit to the beach or a dip in the ocean. And it can be just as hard to find ‘time’ for self care here as anywhere.

And that is the point. We have to set the intention and make the time, as I did recently when I took myself out of the office and spent the day at the Carambola Beach Resort. Even though I didn’t check into the hotel for the night….I did check out of my day-to-day routine both at home and the office, and that made all the difference.

After spending the day wandering through the beautifully landscaped walking paths, enjoying poolside service, and doing some yoga and meditation on the beach, I felt like a new person. When I got home that evening, I felt refreshed and rested, as if I had been on vacation.

Everyday Escapes: Nurturing the Art of Self- Care in Daily Life

You don’t need to visit a resort or travel to a Caribbean island to check in to your day of self-care (though if you ARE looking for an island getaway, I absolutely do recommend the Carambola Beach Resort here on St. Croix!). 

You can be your island and be your resort right at home wherever you are. You need to make yourself a priority and realize that without YOU…..where would YOU be?! Right?! Find some time to daydream, rest, revitalize, and do something just for you. You will thank yourself, trust me.

I’m always so grateful for the time that I take for self-care and winding down. And I plan to take as much of that as I can get every single day in the NEW year! In my opinion, life is meant to be enjoyed, and you are your own best friend and advocate when it comes to doing just that. Showing up for yourself first means you can show up for others with more joy and enthusiasm to share.

Take good care, everyone, and remember your life is all about what you make of it.

Enjoy, and cheers to all the things that inspire you to feel refreshed, rested, energized, and excited about each day!


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